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Garrett Fox
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Teaching Location:Nashville, Tennessee, 37216
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About Garrett Fox

It all started at the age of 6 in the church where I started playing the drums and singing first. I remember not being able get a drum set of my own due to the noise so I made a drum set out of some plastic pieces I had laying around. Due to them thinking that kids would just beat on things the drummer of the church would just go and break the sticks and throw them away in the trash outside the back of the church therefore I wasn't ever allowed to bring any sticks home from the church. I remember telling my parents during offering time that I had to go to the mensroom but I would actually run out to the back of the church and climb in the trash to get some broken sticks to take home; I would shove the sticks down my pants for the remaining of the service and then at home I'd tape them wth ducktape so that I had a pair of sticks to play with.
Back in highschool I took band for the first three years. I played guitar for my highschool band. My cousins (Joseph Harris-Bass Guitar & Kyle Harris-Saxophone) were also part of that band which made it not only fun but also very interesting at times.
Every tuesday was jam night with the youth, so I would often go down and just enjoy what the music had to offer. I have a lot of family members that play music as well so I have been surrounded by music pretty much my whole life. I have multiple cousins that play instruments which made growing up even more fun; most of them sing as well.
I received my first drumset at the age of 16 from my grandfather. It was a wine red Sunlight that he picked up at a estate sale. It had a few pieces that needed to be fixed but it gave me something to work on. I had that drumset for about a year, and then I sold it. The guy who bought it still to this day comes into my job and buys stuff. He is to this day still using that drumset. Once I sold that drumset, I litrally instantly bought a way nicer green color drumset from that same grandfather for a great price. He found that drumset at an estate sale as well. I had that drumset for a few months and then sold it as well. I then bought the drumset that I currently have and use.
I started attending college to become an eye surgeon, but I ended up follwing my heart and becoming a music major. I also minored in recording arts to become a recording engineer. I started working at music store so that I would be more surrounded by the music in which I wanted to grow. "Being surrounded by the music 24/7 is the best way to get practice" I thought to myself! How much more can one practice than 24/7?!

I will never forget the day. It was Tuesday July 16th 2013 in which was the date I got hired. But also that date was the date in which I was told yes by FOX TV show American Idol. That was such an amazing adventure and experience of my life; I will never forget that day. I met some of the coolist people that I have ever met. We still talk to this day. Still crazy to think that I was hired and told yes on the same day!!! I was just pulling into my house from driving back from San Francisco from singing in the middle of AT&T field in front of a few thousand people. I pulled in and I checked a voicemail I had received and it was my boss saying he thought I would fit the team. Ever since I have been working at the music store. Officially in Sping of 2015 I finished the college as a Certified Recording Engineer.
I am a music teacher as well when I'm not performing or at the music store. I try to keep myself surrounded within the music environment.

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