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Zacary Bryant
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Teaching Location:Orem, Utah, 84058
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About Zacary Bryant

Oh boy, Zac Bryant said. My relationship with drums. This could get a little creepy.

After courting piano and guitar in his youth, Bryant started drumming at age 12. The drums quickly became his mistress.

I can't ever stop thinking about drumming, Bryant said. In fact, I can't stop drumming at all. Everywhere I go at work, in the car, at home, watching a movie, going to sleep always tapping my fingers, often without even realizing it. I'm positive it drives people crazy, but they rarely say anything.

In 2008, Bryant and Callie Crofts became coworkers at a music store. Fast friends, they collaborated to create Crofts 2010 solo album Zen Garden. Their alliance planted the seeds of MFF, which reached fruition as a full band in late 2012. Seasoned by past band experiences, Bryant approaches MFF with open-mindedness and humility. I believe it's necessary to be well versed in your craft and to be confident in your ability, but also to lose your ego in order to mesh well with other musicians, Bryant said.

Bryant demonstrates restraint and an ear for subtlety in MFF. Finding unique places for the backbeat, Bryant provides soft and steady support when Crofts croons mildly; but when her silver tongue lashes out, Bryant propels the witty angst forward full-speed.

From 2005-2011, Bryant played with the group Victoria, a progressive rock band with grunge undertones. Because Bryant and his MFF bandmate Austin Cross both played in Victoria, Bryant says he and Cross now anticipate the others musical moves and share similar creative direction when playing for MFF. Bryant's six years with Victoria yielded a full, power-packed album and strengthened his drumming foundation.

Bryant's band history also includes membership in groups called Eidola, Sea Swallowed Us Whole, M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) and Girafficjam.

With Eidola, Bryant enjoyed refining his expression to fit a technically challenging mold, whereas Sea Swallowed Us Whole granted him grueling and rewarding experience in the post-hardcore/metal arena. I went through drumsticks like they were toothpicks, Bryant said. Every rehearsal and show left me drenched in sweat and not surprisingly, emotionally drained. M.A.D. played what he calls radio-friendly rock tunes with spacey ambience and heavy elements. This band taught me to play for the song and not to satisfy my own urges as an ADD guy that hits things with sticks, Bryant said.

In addition to MFF, Bryant currently plays with Girafficjam, a four-piece group creating experimental progressive rock. For me, even if we never gain any major traction, it's extremely satisfying and worth the time spent working on our music, he said.

I feel like I'm finally to a point where music freely flows through me, Bryant continued. It makes me happy that every group I play with these days is satisfying in some way. I love making music and playing drums, and I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Drum Lessons in Orem, Utah.


Drums for:

  • Victoria (
  • My Fair Fiend (
  • GirafficJam (
  • Callie Moore (2010)
  • Anne-Marie Hildebrandt and Citrine (2009)
  • Recently recorded tracks for Provo locals Wild Apples
  • Performed live with Branden Steineckert's (Rancid) band Apocalypse Radio
  • Toured with local post-hardcore band Sea Swallowed Us Whole for 2 yrs
  • Recorded an EP and played live with Eidola in 2011 (Blue Swan Records)