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Owen Liversidge
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Teaching Location:Music Matters, Roswell -, Roswell, Georgia, 30075
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About Owen Liversidge

I am a graduate of the University of Leeds in England, where I obtained myself a Popular Music degree. This degree spans three years of work (plus two more at an associate level) and covers many fields of excellence in the commercial music industry. The instruments that I specialize in are drums (twenty two years experience), guitar (fourteen years experience), and keyboard (eight years experience). I am also up-to-date with music technology, and can operate a desktop recording studio, live sound desk, as well as computer-based sequencing and notation programs. 

On a professional level, I have worked in numerous recording studios as an Assistant Engineer, and practiced as a Line Technician for national touring bands in the UK. Since moving to the States, twelve years ago, I have worked solely as a Music Instructor, both privately and for a company. During the summer months, I manage a rock band program, which provides students with the opportunity of playing in a live band setting. Also, as part of the Music Matters Educational Program, I have been offering lectures and workshops in many schools around the Atlanta area.

Most recently, I have self-published a series of method books for the drum set, focusing on a one-on-one lesson environment between a teacher and student. The books are currently for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information visit

I believe that I have a broad and unique level of expertise in music, with a degree in England that is not offered in the United States or anywhere else in the world. My objective is to offer my knowledge, passion, creativity, and overall expertise of music to all of my students. 

Drum Lessons in Roswell, Georgia.


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